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h03vv-f cable
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What is h03vv f cable?

Before buy h03vv f cable, maybe you should get to know it. H03VV F cable is a kind of round cable with pvc insulation and sheath. That is to say, the raw material of insulation and sheath are all pvc. H03VVF cable has circular and multi stranded copper conductor. The EN 50525-2-11 is this cable’s design standard. And the conductor has resistance according to EN 60228 class 5. Cable h03vvf meets the requirements for flammability according to IEC 60332-1 (F2). HO3VVF cable is certified by Semko. If you need cable ho3vvf, please click on the button of get quota below leave your requirements. Then we will reply you within 12 hours.

h03vv-f cable
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What are the applications of h03vv f cable?

You buy h03vv f cable, the main purpose is use it. Then, in our daily life, where can use h03vv-f cable? First, you can use h03vvf cable in domestic premises. Such as kitchens and offices etc. Second, you can use it for light duties and light portable appliances. Such as radio sets, table and standard lamps, dust collector, and office machine etc. One thing to be aware of is that use only the circular cord at constant bending and torsion stress. If you want to learn more about cable h03vvf, or buy ho3vvf cable with free sample, please contact us. We always looking forward to cooperation with you.

h03vv-f cable

Where to get a competitive h03vv f cable price list?

There are so many cable h03vvf manufacturers in the cable market. These manufacturers will give various h03vvf cable price list. Some price list is cheap, while some is very expensive. Then which one is the best one? As a matter of fact, the best h03vv-f cable manufacturer is right in front of you. Yes, it’s Huadong. I am not blow my own trumpet. As a leading h03vvf cable manufacturer and supplier in China, it is evident that Huadong is influential. Huadong has more than 30 years export experience. Our h03vv-f cable are sales quite well in many different countries. Such as Russian, Australia, Yemen, America, and Africa etc. Our company has established a long-term and friend cooperation relations with many countries. “Quality first, customer first”is our tenet all the time. More importantly, our h03vvf cable is high quality and low price. As long as you come and buy h03vv-f cable in Huadong, we will give you a affordable h03vv-f cable price list. Looking forward to cooperation with you sincerely.

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How to install h03vv f cable properly?

For normal use cable ho3vvf, please wiring according regulations. Then how to design h03vv f cable properly? For one thing, fix h03vvf cable line, the single core line to go through pipe is the best choice. And when install cable h03vvf, be careful not to break the cable. Once you break it, it will not only delay the progress, but also increase the cost. Also, do not touch the cable ho3vvf when it is connected to the box. For another thing, household electrical appliances with high power consumption, such as air conditioners, should be powered by a single wire. In addition, the strong electricity, weak electricity should keep a certain distance. No matter how you design h03vv f cable line, safety and convenient is the most important. If you need a competitive h03vvf cable price list, send us an e-mail at any time please.

h03vv-f cable
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Why buy h03vv-f cable in Huadong Cable Group?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Huadong. Huadong is a leading h03vv-f cable manufacturer from China. Huadong owns sophisticated facilities of 20 sets production lines and 30 sets testing machine. And we have more than 30 years h03vv-f cable production experience. Please feel free to choose our h03vv-f cable. Competitive price and high quality is Huadong’s promise to customers. Welcome you come and buy.


Why choose us: As a leading h03vv f cable manufacturer and supplier, Huadong always adhere to the customer first, quality first. So please feel free to choose us. We will offer you reasonable h03vv-f cable price list and prefect service.

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Customer Case: We have exported h03vv-f cables to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc.


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