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What should you know about h05v k cable?

Do you have a clear understanding about h05v-k cable? If not, then come and study it with Huadong. H05V-K cable is a kind of low voltage cable. This cable is consisting of a bare copper stranded wire with high-quality pvc insulation. The letter “V” stand for pvc insulation. The h05vk 0.75 is a harmonised and high quality pvc cable. Cable h05vk can satisfy various technical standards. And its increased insulation thickness ensures higher electrical strength. If you interest in ho5vk cable, and want to get a reasonable price list, please message us. The conductor of h05v k cable is class 5 bare copper wire. Ho5VK cable’s actual cross section may vary. European standards with a metric conductor cross section is h05v k cable’s manufacture standard. If you want to know more about h05v-k, or discounted cable with free sample, please send an e-mail or call us.

h05v-k cable
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What are the applications of h05v k cable?

H05V-K cable is designed with soft structure, its bending radius of conductor is small. H05V-K cable is suitable for wet and oily place. In addition, the ho5vk cable has common application in internal wiring of electric motors and transformers. Also other electrical appliances and lighting applications. You can use h05v k cable in and at electronic appliances for measuring, regulating and controlling. Cable h05vk is also a good choice for laying in pipes, surface wiring and conduit installations. You can apply h05v k cable in the field of industrial distribution. Especially suitable for flexible installation site. Such as electric control cabinet, distribution box. At the same time, the ho5vk cable has been certified by CCC and CE. HO5V K cable meets the requirements of HD. You not only use h05v k in Chinese market, but also in the European market. After you know the application of ho5vk cable, do you want to know the price? If so, please message Huadong. We looking forward to cooperation with you.

h05v-k cable
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Do you know how to tell good from bad of h05v k cable?

Nowadays, there are many H05V-K cables in the market. You can buy h05v k cable readily. But which one is good? Which one is bad? And how do you tell good from bad of ho5vk cable? There is a way to tell the quality of h05v k cable. According to national standards, there should be printed the logo of factory name, h05v-k model, and rated voltage. So that you can find h05v k manufacturer in time when something wrong in the process of using. Therefore, please pay particular attention to it. Don’t buy fake and inferior h05v-k cable. You can not be too careful in buying of quality h05v k cable. In order to buy qualified h05v k cable, you should choose a professional manufacturer. Huadong is an ideal choice. As one of the most professional ho5vk cable manufacturers, we can offer you quality and cheap cable. Please feel free to contact us.


How to prevent h05v-k cable from aging?

The corrosive gas will corrode insulation of ho5vk cable for a long time. Its insulating property will be lower gradually till out of work completely. Low insulating property will breakdown insulation, it is the most direct cause of h05v k cable aging. Now, Huadong will tell how to judge whether h05v-k cable is aged. You can along the ho5vk cable insulation to observe. If the h05v k cable is tarnished and stiff, it shows the cable has aged. If the h05v-k cable insulation cracking and falling, it shows the cable has serious aged. For safety’s sake, please check the ho5vk cable at fixed period, eliminate safety hazards. Want to learn more about or buy ho5v-k cable? Please contact feel free to Huadong.

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Customer Case: We have exported ho5vk cables to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc.

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